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    Charting Growth Strategies

    We help organizations solve tough marketing problems, generate incremental revenue, develop new ideas, and plan for the future.

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    We connect iconic properties and adventurous brands

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    We create authentic partnerships that make meaningful connections


We Perform With

Speed. Agility. Enthusiasm.

The name Caravel originates from the 15th century caravel ship, whose speed and agility earned it the esteemed reputation as the best sailing vessel of its time. Like the vessel, Caravel is adaptable and versatile, allowing us to move swiftly and efficiently.

Caravel can help in many ways, but we excel at marketing partnerships. We’ve traveled some long distances, worn many hats, learned a lot along the way, and achieved big results. We know how to develop meaningful and mutually beneficial sponsorship programs, and have a good time doing it.

Caravel is located on Bainbridge Island, a short ferry ride from the beautiful city of Seattle. We love the Pacific Northwest, but will gladly travel any direction our work may take us.

Our Services


We increase performance and revenue by starting with a smart strategy. Working together and using a creative, focused approach, we determine objectives, brainstorm ideas, and map a course of action.


We bring properties and brands together. We navigate through and participate in every step of the sponsorship process from prospecting and sourcing to contract negotiations. We skillfully construct and guide partnerships to accomplish the shared objectives and desired outcomes of each partner.


We connect your business with its customers, visitors, and partners in a meaningful way. We develop the best approach to reach your desired audience to enhance their experience and strengthen your relationship.

Team Collaboration

Blending our industry expertise with your intellectual resources.

We add subject matter expertise to engage your team and complement their capabilities. We partner with internal resources and facilitate a focused, creative process that delivers expansive solutions.

Creative. Informative. Innovative.

We share our experience and knowledge, apply strategic thinking, and use a dynamic process to facilitate creative thinking sessions. Boards, executives, and teams participate in our sessions designed to guide strategic planning, problem solving, idea generation and team building. Generating ideas that deliver tactical solutions – it's what we do.
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    Conduct an assessment

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    Search for solutions and new ideas

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    Focus and map a plan of action

  • Navigate

    Stay the course and ensure the team delivers results