Oklahoma State Fair

Business Development and Sponsorship Consulting

The Oklahoma State Fair sought to transform three critical areas of marketing within the organization: branding, sponsorship and technology. The best approach, it determined, was enlisting the expertise of an experienced marketing firm that could address all of its needs—from building an effective sponsorship program to ensuring the infrastructure was in place to support it.

Caravel conducted an assessment of the fair’s existing branding and sponsorship program, including its collateral, operating model and sales processes. Caravel evaluated the organization’s existing digital marketing efforts, platforms and data integration for effectiveness. Recommendations and guidance were provided to support the team’s efforts to integrate new initiatives.

The partnership with Caravel set the stage for the Oklahoma State Fair to accelerate growth. After the first phase, the fair continued its partnership with Caravel, engaging the team to facilitate the development of a 2017 organizational operating plan. Currently, Caravel is supporting the fair’s sponsorship sales efforts, development of sponsor materials, and integration and maximization of digital marketing efforts.