University of Washington

Consulting, Sponsorship Planning and Representation

In an effort to identify potential revenue opportunities, the University of Washington was in need of a campus-wide sponsorship assessment. The organization enlisted the expertise of JZworks and Caravel Marketing to evaluate its current assets and efforts, identify new opportunities and develop an integrated sponsorship marketing strategy.

JZworks and Caravel conducted a detailed analysis of the university’s current position. Market research, focus groups and stakeholder interviews informed a sponsorship plan, which incorporated industry standards and best practices. The comprehensive plan was designed to support the university in meeting its sponsorship marketing goals and objectives.

Following integration of the plan by the organization’s senior leaders, the university partnered with Caravel to implement the recommendations campus-wide. Caravel worked with the university to form a new sponsorship marketing department and executed signature partnerships with Coca-Cola and Starbucks—the two largest university revenue deals in the nation.