Washington State Fair

strategic consulting, sponsorship, rebranding, date expansion

“Resourceful, creative, nimble,¬†thoughtful intelligence.”¬†– Kent Hojem

Scope of Work:
Caravel Marketing has led the sponsorship strategy and sales for the Washington State Fair and Event Center since 2009. In 2013, Caravel served as advisor for an organizational wide rebranding effort, developed a comprehensive Rebranding Strategic Plan and provided guidance to implement critical success factors. In 2016, Caravel provided leadership during the decision-making and planning process for a date expansion. To insure a successful expansion, Caravel conducted research, developed board presentations and recommendations, and worked closely with the management team to identify opportunities, challenges and projects.

The sponsorship efforts have resulted in stronger, more valuable sponsorship programs to sponsors, visitors, and the organization. The average sponsorship investment has increased by 100%, and total revenue has grown by 60%. The rebranding effort has been recognized as a successful initiative and effective model by the organization, community, and industry. While the date expansion results will be realized over time, the initiative has met all measures of success in the first year, including revenue and attendance growth.