We navigate sponsorship
skillfully and artfully.

Our name originates from the 15th century caravel ship, whose speed and agility earned it the esteemed reputation as the best sailing vessel of its time.

We know, awesome right?

Like the ship, Caravel is adaptable and versatile, allowing us to move swiftly and efficiently to reach your goals.

It also means we use lots of sailing analogies. Apologies in advance.

We create just the right team of sponsorship marketing consultants and event partners to deliver results.

At the helm of Caravel is CEO Paula Beadle. A self-proclaimed, “sponsorship geek,” Paula has spent decades on both sides of the sponsorship table. She has secured leading industry deals, built a distinctive reputation with a diverse portfolio of relationships, and developed winning strategies and methodologies that consistently drive results for our wide range of clients.

Caravel’s sponsorship experts are on the cutting edge! They bring in-depth knowledge of the sponsorship initiatives of many local, regional and national companies and properties. They help Caravel clients tap into the advantages of sponsorship marketing by applying expertise of industry standards and trends, sponsorship buying and selling experience, the latest industry research and an extensive network to exceed expectations on every project.

The Caravel team quickly identifies areas for growth, solves your big problems and uncovers new opportunities. We analyze every aspect of your sponsorship program, share our unique perspective and deliver solutions to accomplish your goals.

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