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Caravel Marketing is providing tools, insights, and resources that will help the sponsorship community, properties, events and brands, to navigate the shifting tides of the industry during this unprecedented time. We welcome questions and topics that are pressing to your organization or the industry as a whole – email

Caravel Marketing is committed to providing services that will support the growth, sustainability, and success of our clients and partners. Our goal has always been to serve the needs of our clients as they evolve and change. Now is no exception. We look forward to expanding our services, exercising our strategic and creative strengths to find new, bold ways to drive revenue, and imagining a new future together.

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Rising to the Occasion

By Michael Kithcart In the event industry, the last month has been a series of reactions and triage. Events have been canceled last minute and seasons ended or postponed responding to the need to isolate. Everyone’s had to move to working remotely, revenue has stopped. As event leaders you’ve had to make hard calls, answer […]

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The Power of Partnerships

By Paula Beadle The power of sponsorship marketing will unite sponsors with events, causes, and properties in stronger and more innovative ways in the future. Sponsorship is the most effective marketing channel to directly connect with audiences in a meaningful way. Be prepared to arm your brand partners with data and insights that reinforce the […]

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Channeling Creativity to Strengthen Your Assets

By Alexandra Reinken This spring something besides the flowers blossomed… the worlds creativity. From balcony choirs, to producing large scale events on digital platforms, to repurposing facilities to produce in demand goods, individuals and communities are collectively raising the bar on how to think outside the box for a greater good. Sponsorship leaders now have […]

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5 Ways to Keep Your Sponsorship Sales Process Active

By Austin Hahn It may feel a bit awkward during this time to be conducting outreach, however it’s important during this time of uncertainty to maintain your efforts and, more importantly, plan for the future. As a person in sponsorship marketing, it’s up to each of us to keep facing forward, because this current situation […]

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Leading Your Sponsorship Sales Efforts in Times of Uncertainty

By Paula Beadle At Caravel Marketing we have implemented several key strategies to support our event clients, our brand partners, and the broader sponsorship community. We are using the time available to develop future revenue plans to assist in the inevitable recovery. We are coaching brands, upping our outreach efforts, and maintaining our focus on […]

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Sponsorship Brands: Hold Out, Don’t Drop-Out!

By Paula Beadle At Caravel we are actively engaged in providing support and solutions to our clients, brand partners, and the event community as a whole. We are shoulder to shoulder with the properties we represent, a few which have been canceled. We are having long, hard conversations about potential contingency plans and we’re having […]

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Sponsorship Sales During a Crisis

By Austin Hahn At Caravel Marketing we know selling sponsorships right now feels like pushing a rock up a mountain with your nose. We also know you are strong, disciplined, and fearless by nature.  During times of crisis, your sales talent, experience and determination are more important than ever. So keep selling. – – You’re […]

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Strengthening Sponsor Relationships

By Michael Kithcart Relationships are the core of any successful partnership. It is in times of uncertainty that honoring and supporting key relationships becomes more important than ever. Now is the time to be a worthy partner by finding ways you can support your sponsors. Join forces. Share. Collaborate. At Caravel Marketing we are seeking […]

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Key Actions to Retain Sponsors

By Paula Beadle Events large and small are contemplating what to do as COVID-19 continues to bear down on the U.S. Our immediate concern is how to work with and retain sponsors after an event has been cancelled. Here’s the topline advice we’re sharing with properties and events along with my one key action item: […]

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A Simple and Transparent Approach to Sponsorship ROI Remains Paramount

Recently an article was published on by Stephen Diorio on “Providing the Financial Contribution of Sponsorships to the Business.” The article was interesting and should be required reading for every sponsorship team. I wanted to take a few moments to share my thoughts about the article and address the challenges brands face in measuring […]

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