Glenview Park District

Sponsorship Consulting

Caravel Marketing was retained to perform three phases of work: conduct an assessment and develop a strategic plan; launch the new sponsorship initiative and secure the first Park Partner; and support the recruitment effort to select a partnership manager.

Following the adoption of a new sponsorship strategy, Caravel secured the first Park Partner with a regional bank. Caravel researched, solicited and contacted prospects, developed customized proposals for potential partners in the region, and set the stage for the park district to build on.

To ensure the right candidate was hired, Caravel developed interview questions, conducted one-on-one interviews, made recommendations to the district leadership team and shared POVs on each viable candidate. Caravel reviewed the compensation plan structure and provided management coaching. Caravel also served as an advisor during the onboarding process to assure a seamless transition for the organization and the new partnership manager.